The Model 3 production ramp is chugging along, with all production lines demonstrating the capability to produce 500 cars per day, according to CEO Elon Musk in today’s Tesla shareholder meeting. So now that the supply of cars coming out of the factory isn’t so scarce, the next question is: when will stores get them?

There have been some display models in stores for months now, but if customers wanted a way to drive a car, they had to know an owner or rent a car through Turo. It looks like that situation is finally going to be remedied, with Musk confirming during the shareholder meeting that test drives will be available in the coming month or two.

Specifically, it was announced that the first test drives will be available in stores at “the end of this month,” but that these would roll out to “almost all stores in North America by the end of next month.”

A few days ago, Musk mentioned that Model 3 test drives would be available within 4-6 weeks, with focus on the performance version:

Model 3 Performance order page progressively rolling out to reservation holders over the next week or so. It’s a really great car. Not saying that lightly. Test drive is a mindwarp. Aiming to have these as our first test drive Model 3 cars in stores within 4 to 6 week’s.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 3, 2018

Given that test drives are meant to start at “the end of this month” and performance version deliveries start next month, it seems unlikely that all test drive cars will be performance model cars – particularly since Tesla tends to deliver cars to early customers first before offering test drives. There was…