• Mars Inc is one of the biggest family-owned companies in the world, with more than $35 billion in annual sales.
  • The 106-year-old company is known for its iconic candy brands, including Snickers, M&Ms, Milky Way, and Twix. But the company’s biggest business is its pet-care business.
  • Business Insider spoke to Mars chairman Stephen Badger, the great-grandson of founder Franklin Mars, about what he has learned about leadership during his role at the company.
  • Badger said that two of his biggest career mistakes thus far have been not listening to his gut enough and not embracing trends quickly enough.

Mars Inc — the company behind iconic candy brands like Snickers, Twix, M&Ms — is one of the biggest family-owned companies in the world.

What’s more, the $35 billion company still has family members playing key roles in running the business.

One of those family members is Stephen Badger, the great-grandson of Mars’ founder, Franklin Mars.

Badger currently serves as the company’s chairman, but he has also worked as the global director of corporate affairs and served as the president of Seeds of Change, a Mars subsidiary that makes organic food.

During his career at the company, Badger said he has learned a lot about leadership. And when he reflects on his…