4C aims at providing insight across campaign performance on all-channels in an easily accessed, self-serve package


Businesses are aware of the problem of ineffective ads, but the challenge of obtaining a comprehensive picture of their marketing efforts across different devices and channels while they’re happening has remained elusive. That’s why there’s a need for a unifying platform that shows what’s happening with an ad campaign in real time.

This is the problem 4C’s Scope sets out to solve, a solution which the a data science and marketing technology company launched last month. It functions as an integrated platform that enables marketers to discover cross-channel audience insights, implement campaigns across screens, and analyze performance in one cloud-based, self-service tool.

4C describes Scope as “the first and only self-serve platform that combines audience intelligence, activation, and measurement across premium marketplaces, including Apple News, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, NBCUniversal, Mediaocean, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter. On that basis it enables those who wish to make data-driven decisions on their campaign strategy to discover, execute, and analyze what works for their target audiences.”

I spoke with 4C’s CMO, Aaron Goldman, about how the integrated whole carries greater value than the sum of its parts. He said, it’s about “stitching data sets together,” to reveal more about what makes your target audience tick, not just what they watch on television but also what gets them involved on social media, “what they engage with” and what they care about.

As data privacy is – or should be – on everyone’s mind these days, he assured me that they “don’t access any individual user information.” The information they use “is either publicly available, like behavior on Facebook, Twitter,” and platforms of that sort, or from those who “opted in on smart TVs to allow viewership to be tracked.” With more than…