Marketers have a lot on their plate these days. Omnichannel shouldn’t be an issue anymore


The stats are out there, customers want omnichannel experiences, and expect brands to have the ability to connect disparate data from multiple channels to form a single view of them. Companies have labored over their strategies and tech stacks to meet these new customer demands, and publications like DMN have encouraged these efforts. After all, omnichannel is an extension of the greater marketing mandate to elevate the customer experience above everything else, especially in our increasingly digital world.

Yet, even midway through 2017, and on the cusp of the next phase of the internet, omnichannel remains on the to-do list for many marketers. Omnichannel still seems to be a objective; a goal marketers are actively working toward, rather than a reality that businesses are organically structured around. This leads to my big question as a reporter in this space: Who exactly is still chasing omnichannel?

Those older, legacy companies that are still talking about digital transformation? Perhaps it’s the large companies that were too entrenched and too sluggish to adapt to the customer-centric digital world? Maybe it’s the brick-and-mortar retailers that are struggling…