Will Best Buy’s Total Tech Support Service Boost Brand Loyalty?

Last week, Best Buy unveiled announced a move to take its Geek Squad tech support services nationwide, as an addition to the company’s “New Blue” growth strategy. The Total Tech Support subscription program is now available for an annual fee of $199.99 and offers Unlimited Geek Squad support in-store, by phone, 24/7 online and through the Best Buy Home App.

Individual Geek Squad services typically range from $39.99 to $99.99, but can increase to $299.99 for server diagnostics and repair, and $329.99 for VPN support. Prior to the introduction of the subscription, a standard protection plan cost $24.99 per month.

“Two-hundred dollars isn’t inexpensive, but for those that sign up it will make Best Buy very ‘sticky’ for them,” said Kevin Graff, President of Graff Retail in a RetailWire discussion. “That’s the objective of subscriptions and memberships. Just another way to differentiate yourself from the other guys (read: Amazon). It wasn’t too long ago that Best Buy was considered…