During the summer months, the warm weather and sunny days often prove to be a distraction. It can be a challenge to get your team to focus and perform the work at hand without delay when their thoughts tend to fly to their evening plans or pending summer vacations. But as a manager, it is your job to make sure your employees are laser focused and ready to work no matter what the weather brings.

Below, 13 members of Forbes Communications Council share how you can keep your team members connected and motivated during the hot summer months as you ramp up for autumn marketing campaigns. Here’s what they recommend:

These communications executives share tips on keeping your team focused during the summer.

1. Focus on team building and bonding.

At least twice during the summer, I host a cookout with yard games to help the team have fun and relax before having to gear up for fall. We all hold different roles, and even though some team members don’t primarily help with our marketing campaigns, they are the face of the business and the ones who meet with our customers on a daily basis. – Billie Kay Asmus, Asmus Farm Supply

2. Offer surprise gifts.

The summer months are for preparation for autumn and winter campaigns. If your business is cyclical and summer is slow, then use this time to prepare content for the busy season. To keep your team motivated, get some friendly competitions going and reward the team with surprise gifts, such as concert tickets, game tickets or restaurant vouchers. Plan casual team outings so your team gets to know each other personally, too. – Anshu Agarwal, Cedexis

3. Unplug as a team.

It might sound counterintuitive, but the best way to keep your team connected and operating at a high level is to take a break as a team. Do a team-building activity with no internet access or phones and tap into the most important part of a successful team: chemistry. You’ll be surprised what you learn about your team and the creative ideas that result. – Ahmad Daher, denaliai.com

4. Provide fun and flexibility.

It’s easy to motivate team members with flexible summer schedules. Work hard but play hard, too, and leave early to enjoy the good weather or a long weekend. Outdoor activities are key. We’re also having an offsite marketing retreat to plan for the fall and get motivated. Healthy options like walking meetings and water drinking challenges, plus ice cream or iced coffee, are great treats as well. – Amanda Ponzar, Community Health Charities

5. Organize department retreats.

I use the summer months to pull my team together for a…