marketing trivia


– Freezer ownership in 1977 was 33%, compared with the Office of National Statistics’ most recent figure of 97%.

– Unilever used to own a chain of fishmongers called Mac Fisheries. It was started by Unilever founder William Lever in 1918 but ceased operating in 1979.

– An annual subscription to Marketing Week in 1978 cost £25 (£50 for international delivery).

– A well-paid marketing manager in 1978 could expect a salary of around £10,000 per year, judging by Marketing Week’s recruitment pages (with ads specifying an age group of “late twenties to early thirties”).

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– Yorkshire Television managing director Paul Fox predicted a fourth TV channel in the UK would “not be able to give away its advertising time, let alone sell it”.


– Twentieth Century Fox Video supported the 1982 VHS release of Star Wars with a £70,000 campaign – its largest investment in a single cassette release at the time.

– Carlsberg’s company car of choice was the Vauxhall Cavalier – of which it bought 200 in one order shortly after its launch.

– The world’s biggest wine and spirits company in the 1980s was a Canadian company called Seagram. It later also owned Universal Pictures before being split up, with its drinks assets sold to Pernod Ricard, Diageo and Coca-Cola.