Researches unveiled a new psychological phenomenon-'mobile mindset'
Researches unveiled a new psychological phenomenon-‘mobile mindset’


Consumers are drawn to seek out entertainment-led and individualistic shopping choices in what they feel is a ’safe zone’ on mobile, psychologists have concluded. Or, for the layman, shoppers like fun stuff on their phones – so if you want them to buy from you, be entertaining.

Entertainment-driven and partial to ‘guilty pleasures’

According to ’The truth behind smartphone behaviour’ conducted by Clicktale in conjunction with Dr Melumad and Meyer the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, shoppers are pulled in towards entertaining content such as pop culture, sport and ‘guilty pleasures’, rather than scientific facts or hard news.

Some 35% of the analysed consumers are likely to engage with entertaining and sport-related content. Whereas, interest in science, education and regional-specific content was higher for desktop users.

Seeking fast rewards and personalised services

Mobile users demonstrated a clear liking for content offering immediate gratification, such as coupons and clearance items. Shoppers are also more willing to pay a premium for a personalised shopping service. On average, smartphone users are willing to pay 6.5% more for fast shipping compared to desktop users.

Less likely to donate…