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Prime Now is Amazon’s two-hour delivery service.
Business Insider
  • Amazon has announced its annual Prime Day will be on July 16 and run for 30 hours.
  • In the lead up to the day, Amazon has launched discounts for many of the other services under the Prime umbrella.
  • Amazon is encouraging its Prime customers, which already buy more, to further become entrenched in the Prime ecosystem.

Prime Day is coming — and this year, Amazon is making it about much more than deals and free shipping.

Prime Day is Amazon’s made-up July holiday, where it heavily discounts items in a way similar to Black Friday. Its sales typically rival the highest sales days of the year.

It is, however, restricted to Prime members — just another perk the $120 a year club enjoys over regular Amazon shoppers. This year, however, Amazon is looking to get a little more out of its Prime members, and is hoping that they’ll spend…