Gutenberg E-Commerce: Build Your Store in the New Code-Free WordPress Editor

A brand new publishing tool for WordPress is coming up. It will eventually replace the current default visual editor, which is no less than a revolution for the large community of WordPress writers, bloggers, and authors.

The Gutenberg editor rethinks the way you bring your most creative ideas to the web. Rather than messing with HTML and shortcodes, you can now express your point of view on the screen exactly as it exists in your mind by using content blocks of all kinds.

Thanks to Ecwid E-Commerce, you can now start selling online right from the Gutenberg.

Add a “Buy Now” button, a single product, a catalog of items, or a whole online store to any part of your webpage right in Gutenberg. No piece of code will stand in your way.

Gutenberg: Add Any Content to Your WordPress Page Without Coding has almost everything one can expect from a site building tool.

Its users can take full control over their website content, add flexible advanced functionalities (like mapping, user-submitted content, etc.), and boost their SEO. is friendly to every possible way of building page content, such as HTML, embeds, shortcodes, plugins, or widgets.

The flip side of this freedom is not having one intuitive path to follow. That can be a challenge for non-tech people. A conventional e-commerce website with used to mean quite a bunch of work for its owner. At least every once in a while, you would need a developer.

Well, not…