MacBook Pro leather sleeve9to5 Mac/YouTube
  • Apple’s new leather sleeves for its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops aren’t designed to allow for charging while the computer is full inside the sleeve, according to early reviews.
  • Reviewers at 9to5 Mac and iDownloadBlog noted the same frustration, and found it to be a main reason not to buy the sleeve.

Reviewers have gotten their hands on the new leather sleeves for Apple’s recently introduced MacBook Pro laptops — and they’ve already run into a frustrating pain point that stems from the sleeves’ overall design.

Apple introduced new MacBook Pro laptops earlier this month, and added the new high-end laptop sleeves to go with them. Much like Apple’s other leather accessories, the sleeves are great-looking — they come in midnight blue, saddle brown, and black, and Apple says they’re made from “high-quality European leather.”

The sleeves cost $180 for the 13-inch version and $200 for the 15-inch version — and that’s on top of the cost of the laptop, which starts at $1,800.

9to5 Mac’s Jeff Benjamin posted his review of the…