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  • Adidas isn’t quite as prolific as Nike in the total global sportswear market.
  • The 2026 World Cup will be hosted in the US, Mexico, and Canada, and that could be a big boost to Adidas, who is number one in the soccer category.
  • The US soccer sportswear market will likely see a big boost because of the 2026 World Cup, according to Macquarie analyst Andreas Inderst.

Adidas trails Nike by a mile in global market share when it comes to sports apparel, but a new development could help narrow the gap. The World Cup will be held in the US in 2026, and that could play right into Adidas’ hands.

The 2026 World Cup “has significant strategic value and is an open goal for Adidas” to further boost its already superior soccer apparel sales, Macquarie analyst Andreas Inderst wrote in a note out to clients on Wednesday. While Inderst…