How would you gauge the success of your last digital campaign? Losing money is never desirable, and breaking even isn’t much better. If you managed to see positive gains, you’re probably ecstatic that your efforts paid off.

But getting in the green doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve won.

In fact, it’s this complacency that prevents most marketers from ever becoming truly great at digital promotions.

Why the Way It’s Been Done Won’t Always Cut It

Think about this: seeing a 3% ROI might look great on paper, but what if your campaign has the potential to bring in 6% with a little reworking?

Marketing isn’t cheap. It’s a time-consuming, resource-heavy process, and many marketers are afraid to rock the boat when they tweak proven methods. They’re not interested in getting to the next level because their current situation is comfortable and profitable.

Granted, it’s not always a bad thing, but complacency robs you of the chance of ever becoming greater than your last campaign.

But what happens when your current methods no longer work? Marketing trends are continually shifting, and you won’t always be able to rely on your current techniques.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s either embrace change or get left behind.

How to Create Effective Digital Promotions

If you’re struggling to take your campaign from “It works” to “It’s great!”, put these three practices to work:

1. Don’t Try to Be Everything to Everyone

The best digital promotions are the ones…