1. YouTube Music: Open the world of music. It’s all here

Stars including Childish Gambino, Sinnead O’Connor, Skepta, Queen and The Beatles – also somebody’s perfect dinner guest scenario – came together in a 75-second video montage to promote YouTube’s new music streaming service (cryptically named YouTube Music) which over the last month has reached almost 4 million views. What exactly is music then, according to YouTube? It’s what your mind and body demands, it’s inspiration, it’s the way you feel and the “soundtrack of fresh perspective”. It’s also apparently a sound, in case you didn’t know.

Creative agency: Industry
Media agency: Essence

2. Converse: All the stories are true

Have you ever worn sneakers to an awards show? Well this is why we’re all currently sat at our desks while Stranger Things star Millie Bobbie Brown is wearing sneakers to awards shows. At least Converse is dishing out some solid advice while leaving scuff marks on the dash board: wear what you feel comfortable in; don’t expect people to wear tutus; and shave your hair off and prove them wrong. And most importantly, remember: it’s not illegal to wear Converse to an awards show.

Media agency: Initiative

3. Google UK: Make Google do it – Who is John Boyega?

Who is John Boyega? Thankfully, Google’s trusty voice assistant is about to tell us. An English actor, it says, who began his acting career…