Expert Advice Helps Keep Return Rates Below 2% For Black Lapel

Black Lapel has brought the professional tailor to the Internet, giving shoppers a way to order accurately fitted custom suits online. With a personalized approach that involves both questionnaires and one-on-one interactions with experts, the retailer has managed to keep its return rates below 2%. Typical e-Commerce return rates in the apparel vertical can be as high as 20% to 30%.

“When you’re able to get a fit that’s uniquely yours, that’s the beauty of custom clothing,” said Derek Tian, Co-Founder and CMO of Black Lapel in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “It’s measured to you. We don’t cut cloth until your order comes in, and that’s a pretty sticky experience.”

The standard purchasing process starts with a series of self-measurements, and can continue through conversations with digital stylists over email and telephone. The questions asked of shoppers include gathering information on both their personal style and the environment where they’ll be wearing the suit.

In the long run, Black Lapel wants to faithfully replicate online the experience of visiting its New York…