Technology is changing fast and as it does so, it drives changing customer behaviour
Technology is changing fast and as it does so, it drives changing customer behaviour


Connected shoppers now expect a greater number of more convenient ways to get in touch and interact with the retailers and brands they buy from. Here are four principal methods to build customer engagement.

Consider the message

Shoppers are becoming more choosy about which email messages they’ll sign up to receive, data from the DMA’s Consumer Email Tracker of 2017 suggests. The organisation, in a survey with more than 1,000 responses, asked consumers how ready they were to sign up to receive marketing email from brands, shops or sites.

They found that while more than half (54%) said they always or often signed up in 2016, that figure had dropped significantly –to 14% – by 2017. While 10% of consumers were signed up to receive 31 or more emails at their personal email addresses, and 2% to that number from work addresses, 74% received no emails at their work addresses and 7% were not signed up to any emails from their home addresses. But 93% of consumers were signed up to at least one marketing email, while the average consumer had signed up to 12.

As a result, found the DMA, 78% believed they receive fewer than 10 marketing emails a day. When asked what kind of content they liked to receive, participants answered – in order of popularity – discounts, cited by 63% of respondents, rewards (51%), free gifts (48%), free delivery (46%) and competitions (33%).

Loyalty programmes

At least 90% of UK adults belong to at least one loyalty programme but, according to new research, only 15% of UK Top500 retailers have such a scheme. That’s one of the findings of a recent study, Retail Loyalty Programmes in the UK 2018, carried out by Razors Edge Business
Intelligence using the IRUK Top500 2017. Its analysis found that 44 Top500 retailers operated 48 loyalty programmes.

The UK, says Razors Edge, is…