1. UK CMOs fall behind on innovation

Just 25% of UK marketers identify “leading disruptive innovation” as a core functional priority. This is well below international average of 35%, putting the UK at bottom of a list featuring 10 countries.

In the US, however, 46% of CMOs see innovation as key to their roles. Even in Spain, which came second bottom of the list, 30% of marketers see innovation as a key functional role of marketing.

Rather than innovation, UK CMOs are more likely to be focused on “developing the overall customer experience”, with 64% picking this option as one of their top three priorities. This is just ahead of “delivering business growth” (63%) and “ensuring effective brand management” (52%).

Source: Dentsu Aegis

2. More than half of the UK population have an active interest in women’s sport

Despite new data revealing a tangible and gender balanced interest in women’s sport, brands are still hesitant to get involved.

The data shows 59% of the UK population are interested in at least one women’s sport. This breaks down to 87% interested in both men’s and women’s athletics, tennis (83%), cycling (72%), hockey (71%), golf (57%), football (38%) and rugby union (36%).

Looking at women’s sport alone, 21% of the UK are interested in women’s football, 16% in women’s rugby and 16% in women’s cricket.

Of the 59% who are interested in at least one women’s sport, 51% are female and 49% male. This is compared to…