Labor Day Holds Promise For Furniture, Appliances And E-Commerce

While Labor Day is known for its promotions, not all retailers benefit equally: the holiday is actually one of the worst revenue days for local retailers, ranking at No. 309 for the year in 2017, according to Womply. Sales declined to 23% below the daily average, with the average retailer bringing in $1,210.71 from 10.2 transactions at an average purchase price of $118.71.

However, two bright spots were appliance shops, where Labor Day ranked sixth for the year, and furniture stores, where the holiday ranked third. Computer and electronics stores also thrive in the period surrounding the holiday, which is still considered part of the back-to-school season: four of these retailers’ top 20 shopping days occur during the 12-day period surrounding the holiday.

The holiday holds promise for e-Commerce retailers: 2018 online sales are expected to grow 19% over 2017, making it the first $2 billion day of the year, according to research by Adobe. Labor Day is the only day…