Sell on Instagram with Shoppable Posts

Now, you, too, can give your customers a new way to shop on Instagram and learn more about your products with a single tap.

In the spring of 2018, Instagram made social posts shoppable. Stores clamoring to sell on Instagram finally got their wish.

Instagram shoppable post

If you’ve been on Instagram at all lately, you’ve likely seen Vans enticing skaters with checkerboard-patterned shoes and Forever 21 making back-to-school shopping screen-tap easy. One small business owner, Justin Wong, the founder of So Aesthetic Shop, made $12,000 in a month selling Harajuku-style fashion items.

While at this point these brands seem far ahead of most small businesses, I guarantee their success started with just a few people in a room, biting their nails, staring at the computer screen… possibly as you are now.

New outreach opportunities can be nerve-wracking. Still, small businesses should consider reaching the relatively untapped Instagram user market early. This could be your best chance to become an early adopter. Capturing selling on Instagram could be sweet, particularly if you missed other digital gold rushes.

When it comes to Instagram shoppable posts, the only way to test the waters is to dive right in. The good news is, with Ecwid’s help, small business can do it with almost no budget.


Why We Love Instagram for Small Business

We’ve been researching the prospect of selling on Instagram since they first began whispering about it last fall. We’re glad we did as Instagram has grown a whopping 25% just since September 2017.

More enticing facts:

  • Instagram now has 1 billion users, 200 million of whom go to a business profile every day.
  • 80% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram.
  • 55% of users have purchased products discovered on Social Media.
  • Instagram profiles that win the highest rates of engagement have just 1,000 followers, not 2.8 million like Lego or Vans’ 12.3 million. That means that Instagram users appreciate small businesses and take the time to like and comment, more than they would for the corporate giants.

While at first only large brands had the opportunity to sell on Instagram, Ecwid has been working to bring this awesome opportunity to small businesses through Instagram E-commerce.

Below you’ll find out what shoppable posts are, how you can benefit and how to set up the Sell on Instagram sales channel in your Ecwid account. Don’t want to wait any more? Head over to Ecwid Control Panel and follow the steps.

How Instagram Shoppable Posts Work

Instagram Shoppable posts allow followers and customers to easily find out more about the product. Shoppers can complete their buying journey, from discovery to checkout, without ever leaving the Instagram app. Your shoppable posts come right up in their Instagram feed.

Instagram users are used to tagging friends. Selling on Instagram by tagging products is not much different, except rather than people, products get the…