• Amazon‘s reputation has fallen in a ranking of popular companies.
  • This comes after high-profile figures like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Fox News host Tucker Carlson have slammed the company, citing news stories that report Amazon’s fulfillment-center workers earn low pay and endure tough working conditions.
  • In order to swing the pendulum back in its favor, Amazon should speak up more and “own the narrative” surrounding the company, brand-reputation expert Ana Angelovska said.

Amazon‘s reputation is slipping, at least, that is, according to the latest version of the Reputation Institute’s annual RepTrak ranking, which was released on Thursday.

The company notably lost the top spot in the retail category to Barnes & Noble and fell to second place.

Among all companies globally, Amazon fell from 18th to 23rd place. It was the top company in the US from 2014 through 2016 but is now 10th.

Many of the listed companies fell in the ranking year-over-year. The Reputation Institute determined its ranking from a survey of 10,000 individuals, saying that it “quantifies the emotional bond stakeholders have with leading companies and how these connections drive supportive behavior”

Amazon’s reputation fell in all of the categories measured by the survey, but it was hit especially hard with regards to citizenship — essentially, how it gives back to its community — and how it treats its workers.

It’s not a complete surprise. Amazon, especially when it comes to issues in its workplace, has taken a constant barrage of hits from high-profile figures like Sen. Bernie Sanders, who often holds the company up as…