incorrect wireless caller id is a problem that can and should be fixed

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I have a gripe with the way Caller ID works — or in fact, increasingly doesn’t work — on wireless phones. I’ve noticed that most very stinking time I get a call on my wireless phone, the Caller ID information is wrong. Sometimes the number is correct, but the city is wrong. I say if this problem can be fixed, fix it. If not, get rid of it! What do you think?

When Caller ID was introduced a few decades ago, it was great. It started on the landline phone, either providing a name or number to give you a heads up as to who was calling. Fast-forward to the present. Today, when a call comes into our wireless phone, the information that appears on the screen is accurate only some of the time.

More often than not, what displays is a phone number, sometimes right and sometimes wrong, and a wrong city. New technologies — mainly wireless and Voice over Internet Protocol — have created chaos in this sector. In many cases, owners can gain control over what is displayed. When they can’t, the information typically is wrong.

Place vs. Device

These days, we don’t call a place — we call a phone, no matter where it is.

As we use more wireless phones to make calls, or VoIP services, which route calls using the Internet, there is no physical address associated with our…