How to Create Videos for Instagram

Instagram offers a big opportunity for small businesses. In fact, they have over 25 million business profiles and over 2 million advertisers, according to Jason Hsiao, Chief Video Officer and Co-Founder of Animoto.

Small Business Trends spoke with him about how to create the best videos for the popular social media site that’s gaining serious momentum in the business world.

“The bottom line is Instagram is a rocket ship right now,” he said. “It’s by far the fastest growing social media platform.”

He added that while it’s not the biggest (that’s still Facebook overall) Instagram has just surpassed one billion monthly active users to get the attention of the brick and mortar and digital business owner both. Animoto studied the trends and found, among other things, 200 million people visit at least one business profile each day.

Create Videos for Instagram – The Tips

So, how do small businesses get involved? What are the best practices to get video working for you on Instagram? Here are a few thoughts that should supply a framework and even allow your small business to compete with bigger players and…