Take a look at the computer or phone on which you are reading this. Sadly, you know deep down that, in five years, it will be worth 10% of what it cost. Worse yet, by then, you may even have to pay to dispose of it.

What, then, could a 40-year-old computer possibly be worth today?

Glad you asked. On September 25th, an original, fully functional Apple 1 will be auctioned at RR Auction in Massachusetts, and it is expected to fetch $300,000-400,000.

Apple 1 to be auctioned on September 25th RR Auction

It even comes with its original manual.

Apple 1 manual RR Auction

As of this writing, there is already a bid of $218,750 online. If you were the original purchaser back in 1976, just how much of a profit would you be making today?

The original retail price was set at $666.66. For those shy of numbers with repeating 6’s, there is nothing to fear here. Steve Wozniak and his partner, a fellow named Steve Jobs, were going to wholesale the computers to a local dealer for $500 each. It is reported widely, though I have yet to stumble upon the source, that Wozniak was a fan of repeating digits, because they were so much easier to type. (Clearly, Wozniak was behind all of those cab companies which used to have repeating digits in their telephone numbers.) As $555.55 would assumedly have not earned them a sufficient profit, they bounced the price to $666.66. Hence, as of right now, the current example is now worth 328 times its original cost.

As if the “Woz” really needs the money,