• Bonobos has a new CEO: Micky Onvural.
  • Founder Andy Dunn announced he was stepped down as CEO in a Linkedin blog post on Tuesday, but did not reveal his next move.
  • Onvural served as Bonobos’ chief marketing officer for two years.
  • While serving that role, Bonobos put out what Dunn has called a its most controversial ad campaign.

Bonobos has a new look, and it’s not just its fall line.

The men’s clothing company has a new CEO. Micky Onvural, which has served as Bonobos’ chief marketing officer for nearly two years, will take over the role starting immediately.

Micky Onvural
Micky Onvural Bonobos

Andy Dunn, who founded Bonobos in 2007, announced the news in a blog post on Linkedin. Dunn did not say where he is going next, but he also holds the role of…