Olivia Gold, senior fashion marketing co-ordinator, Debenhams

“My interest in marketing originated from an editorial perspective, because I thought it was compelling how a picture made me like a product or a brand.

“At school I did business studies for GCSE, which included a marketing-specific module that touched on the basics of the 4Ps, but I think you would have to have done business to know about marketing at my school. If you’re a student who has talents, but just doesn’t know where to nurture them, it’s such a big missed opportunity.

“When I graduated in 2012 from my degree in marketing and media there weren’t really marketing internships out there. I saw more PR internships and knowing they sat under the umbrella of comms that’s how I found my way in.

“There need to be more internships and mentorships. Guidance is so important, because it propels people to where they are supposed to be, especially if people don’t have the financial freedom to take something for three months and realise they don’t like it.

“It would be good to have someone who’s at a junior manager level to teach people the basics of how to function in business and the key skills to know.”

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Lewis Lawson, digital marketing manager, womenswear brand Izabel London

“I studied music technology at…