• Walmart is expanding a test of automated kiosks that serve as vending machines for online grocery orders.
  • The company is testing a new version of the kiosks that’s attached to a supercenter store in Sherman, Texas.
  • The kiosk retrieves customers’ online grocery orders within seconds.
  • The pickup kiosks are part of a broader effort by Walmart to more seamlessly integrate its online and offline services and leverage the power of its vast network of stores to better compete with Amazon.

Walmart is expanding a test of automated grocery kiosks.

The company is testing a second version of the concept, which serves as a vending machine for online grocery orders, at a Walmart supercenter in Sherman, Texas.

The kiosks allow customers to pick up online grocery orders within seconds, without interacting with employees.

Here’s how it works: customers purchase and pay for groceries online, then Walmart employees pick and pack their orders and store them in bins in the 11-foot-by-127-foot kiosk, which is attached to the Sherman store.

The kiosk has refrigerators and freezers inside that keep the groceries fresh.