Weis Markets Upgrades Wireless Capabilities Across 200+ Stores And DCs

As a grocer with more than 23,000 associates across more than 205 stores, and 1,000 employees in distribution centers (DCs) and headquarters, Weis Markets sought to provide a better in-store mobile experience for employees and shoppers with an improved wireless infrastructure.

With the Aruba network in place, Weis has:

  • Eliminated Internet access “gaps” throughout its stores;
  • Reduced wireless deployment costs;
  • Improved operational efficiencies within the DCs through more accurate product picking; and
  • Centralized management capabilities, including software updates and alerts.

Wireless Access Points Fill In-Store Connectivity Gaps

Overall, the network connects 11.5 million square feet of retail store, warehouse and distribution center space. The Aruba infrastructure is designed to spread wireless coverage across each individual store and eliminate notable gaps in Internet access depending on specific areas of the store.

“The future vision was to implement a solution that was redundant,” said Jacob Koch, Manager of Systems Administration for Weis Markets in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “The Aruba solution allowed us to put enough access points in so that if I lost half, the wireless in the store would continue to operate. As we continue down this path in technology, retail in general is becoming more dependent on wireless infrastructure and IoT, and I don’t think that’s going to change. Actually, I think it’s going to become more dependent on it. The driver behind that is the ability for the associates and the managers out on the floor selling the product versus being behind a desk.”

Weis replaced its Cisco wireless access points (APs) in 2014 and standardized on the Aruba WiFi service companywide, opting to select Aruba’s Gigabit WiFi Instant APs. Koch…