The 150-store convenience retailer Yesway has ambitious plans to acquire, improve and rebrand as many as 500 additional stores over the next few years. Even before this expansion occurs, however, the retailer is solidifying its business with an intense focus on customer loyalty.

Yesway launched Yesway Rewards on the Paytronix platform in June 2017. Initially introduced at 37 stores, the loyalty program soon became an integral part of the brand’s expansion. It’s now available to customers at more than 100 locations.

With the program, the convenience store has motivated:

  • 45.2% of rewards members who pump gas at a Yesway location to go into the store;
  • 44% of members who made one visit to redeem a reward in a 60-day period; and
  • 40% of members to download the Yesway mobile app.

“Both Yesway and Paytronix share the same loyalty philosophy,” said Darrin Samaha, VP and Brand Manager at Yesway in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Lead with the store first and build loyalty around that — and then go out to the pump. That’s because we’ve already built a solid foundation of things that will entice both customers currently coming to the store, and those who may want to come into the store, but who haven’t yet seen anything that moved the needle for them to enter.”

Promotions With Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Frito Lay Draw Shoppers From Pump To Store

Yesway leverages its loyalty program to run joint promotions with numerous vendors, including Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Frito Lay and Altria among other major supplier partners, who often will fund the rewards.

Coca-Cola, for example, recently provided loyalty customers with an extra summer beverage reward — purchase any six 20-ounce Coke products and get a seventh for…