apple is not in any rush to be among the first to support 5g technology

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Why is Apple taking such a slow approach moving toward 5G with its iPhone models and tablets? Just look around at all the buzz on the rapid rollout of 5G products and services. It seems every wireless carrier, every other handset and tablet maker, and every wireless gear maker is in a mad dash to be first in the 5G race. Everyone is in it except Apple.

While this strategy goes against the industry grain, it is not unusual for Apple. In fact, Apple has a history of being one of the last players to adopt a new technology. It started with the first iPhone a dozen years ago. Although the world was rapidly moving into a 3G world back then, the first Apple iPhone was a 2G device.

So, why does Apple take such a slow approach to adopting new technology? Well there are two different paths companies can take.

One, they can be an early adopter to attract the attention of users who live on the cutting edge. They are among the first, but they have to deal with the quirks and problems that come with new technology.

Two, they can be a late adopter. This keeps new technology away from their user base longer than the competition does, but then the user experience they offer is better, since most bugs have been worked out.

Google Is Early, Apple Is Late

With Android, Google is an early adopter. It brings out new technologies earlier than others, giving its users the ability to be first. However, being first also means those users must wrestle with assorted problems and issues, especially early in the new wave.

Apple has been a late…