the most important thing you can do to grow your social media followers lists is post all day every day

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Many people would like to know the ingredients of the secret sauce that will get their Twitter and LinkedIn follower lists to grow. I just started using these services a few years ago, and I have tried some things that proved successful. I have learned from other successful users as well. Here are a few ideas that have worked for me.

First, here’s an update on my current status. When I wrote about this topic in July, I had 100,000 LinkedIn and 40,000 Twitter followers. Now, three months later, I have 110,000 LinkedIn followers and nearly 46,000 on Twitter.

As good as this may seem, my social networks are not growing fast enough for me. I want a gazillion followers on both services and I want them overnight. Don’t you?

The Whole Truth?

I know many people with hundreds of thousands of followers. They have been doing this for many years. How do I reach their level? They get a consistent flow of newbies. That’s good, but how? I get a regular flow of newbies myself. So how can I increase the flow to reach their numbers?

Time is one of the key ingredients. These successful social media users are not celebrities. They are not known by the masses. They are average people — ordinary people. They are unknown by the masses, yet they have become successful. They have become so successful they can attract new clients just by the size of their follower list.

When I’ve talked with them, I have found they employ many different tactics. Whether they have revealed their top secrets is the question. Another is whether their tactics will work as well for you.

Ask people how they became successful at anything, and many will stand up straight and tell you what they think. However, sometimes the answers they give don’t reveal the actual reasons. Sometimes they don’t really know.

I have learned there are many effective ways to get LinkedIn and Twitter followers.

Develop Your Expertise

I have learned a few key tricks of the trade that I want to share with you now.

Become an expert. Why do some authors of how-to books become successful? They do so by building their name as an expert in a particular area. If you wanted to build something, and you were shopping for a guide in a bookstore, and you saw a variety of books by different authors, which would you choose?

You would choose the brand name you already knew. If there was nothing there, you would…