Marxent’s Kettering team. CONTRIBUTED

Macy’s and Kettering-based Marxent say they are driving the “largest virtual reality rollout in retail history.”

Macy’s said in a recent joint statement with Marxent that it has deployed Marxent’s virtual reality (VR) technology in about 70 stores nationwide, with plans to add 20 new locations early next year.

“The companies expect to add another 20 locations by January 2019,” they said in the joint statement just released. “In partnership with Marxent, Macy’s is enabling customers to discover products and make informed buying decisions using the Macy’s VR furniture experience.”

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As the technology has been described: Customers can map out the basic dimensions and shape of the room for which they are buying furniture. They select items they want from the Macy’s furniture offerings and lay them out virtually in the room.

Wearing a headset, customers…