DOJ Gives Preliminary Approval For $69 Billion CVS-Aetna Deal

The Department of Justice gave CVS Health preliminary approval to complete its $69 million merger with Aetna, taking the pharmacy retailer one step closer to its goal of becoming a data-driven health care company with a personal, individualized touch.

CVS wants to combine its pharmacies with Aetna’s insurance business in hopes of lowering costs for insurance, prescription drugs and patient care, while providing greater price transparency to consumers in an industry that isn’t often known for that.

Becoming a more data-driven company would enable CVS to better predict who might develop diseases such as diabetes, CVS CEO Larry Merlo told CNBC. With this information, CVS could provide customers with preventive counseling, educate people with diabetes on how to lose weight and eat better, and even help patients monitor blood glucose levels with text messages that alert them when the results look concerning.

As consumers and regulators alike seek…