Digital health startup Blink Health will now provide customers free home delivery for its prescription drug service, which offers thousands of commonly used treatments at hugely discounted prices, the company tells Fortune.

Blink Health co-founders (and brothers) Geoffrey and Matthew Chaiken were part of Fortune‘s most recent class of 40 Under 40 entrepreneurs. The company’s aim is to offer an e-commerce based solution to one of America’s most persistent and controversial medical problems: The staggering cost of prescription drugs.

“We provide Americans access to significant savings on their prescriptions, and now we’re offering another convenient way for getting their medications filled,” said Blink Health co-founder and CEO Geoffrey Chaiken in a statement announcing the new home delivery option. “We’re adding home delivery because modern retail requires consumer choice and the integration of online, physical retail, and delivery.”

Up until now, the service has worked as a free pickup model: You could search for whatever prescription you needed through Blink’s site or app, select your preferred low-cost deal on the medicine, and then have it filled at a local participating pharmacy for later pickup. The new offering allows shipment straight to a customer’s home. (There are no associated membership fees for the service.)

The basic idea behind Blink Health is to bypass middlemen in the drug supply chain—such as pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and insurers—in order to cut deals on prescription medications (and specifically the generic drugs that the vast majority of people use). That process can save customers money while also offering incentives to participating pharmacies, according…