“Customers now expect a high level of customer service. As a business, we have decided that the best way to meet those expectations was to place our customers at the heart of our decision-making,” said Alex Simion, head of marketing of BrandAlley.

What helped the brand grow at a significant rate, she said, speaking at Emarsys Revolution this week, is focusing on every single touch point of the customer journey, from customer service to the point of delivery. “I think it is important for every business to have this mindset, and it’s the only way to deliver the right type of product and service.”

She continued: “We had fantastic growth this year; we are growing as a company 80% year-on-year (YoY). This means that we will be aiming for similar increases next year. Our primary goal is to continue to be the place to go for customers.

“As a business, you always try to make sure that you’re ahead of your competition either through product or technology. Sometimes [retailers] forget that the end goal is the customer. [Retailers] get lost in the noise of having the best platforms, which is essential. But, we need to make sure that we always remember our primary objective, which is customer satisfaction,” said Simon.

Customer feedback as a conversion tool

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