Dive Brief:

  • Walmart announced that it’s letting its employees use their own cell phones for work and will give them discounts on their phone bills, the Business Insider reported. Starting this month, the retail giant will let workers use their mobiles on the sales floor to perform such work-related tasks as clocking in, checking inventory and prices, scanning products and reviewing sales data. Walmart previously forbid employees to use their phones on the sales floor.
  • According to the Insider, Walmart changed its policy on personal phone use for work after learning from employees that they preferred to use their own devices rather than the company’s. To participate in the voluntary program, called “bring your own device” (BYOD), workers must download a suite of Walmart apps to their phones so they can access historical sales data, product delivery schedules and other information once available to only managers.
  • Walmart will have limited access to information on employees’ phones. The company will know the make and model of employees’ phones, phone number, carrier, storage usage, battery…