Amazon Dominates Specialty Retail Prices, But Walmart Shrinks Pricing Gap To 2.3%

When it comes to pricing, Amazon is still king. The e-Commerce giant maintained its price leadership position on the broadest selection of popular items, averaging prices that were 13.4% lower than retailers carrying the same items in Q2 2018, according to a study from Profitero.

Walmart had the most competitive prices compared to Amazon’s, averaging only 2.3% higher overall. The price gap between the two retail giants is closing: Walmart prices averaged 3% higher than Amazon in Q3 2017. had prices 4.2% higher than Amazon, while Target averaged 11.8% higher. Additionally, has decreased grocery prices 5% since February 2018; now those prices are only 0.6% higher than Amazon’s.

Amazon continues to dominate specialty retailers from a pricing standpoint….