Black Friday sales hit record highs this year. But, that doesn’t mean it was the biggest online shopping day in the world this November.

Shoppers spent $2.4 billion online on Wednesday, a whopping 31.8% increase from 2017, according to Adobe Analytics data. Thanksgiving Day online sales hit $3.7 billion, 28% growth year over year. Black Friday was similarly impressive, with $4.1 billion in online sales as of 8 p.m. ET, an increase of 23.3%.

However, there was another major shopping day earlier in November. On Singles Day — November 11 — Alibaba sales reached $30.8 billion online globally, far exceeding Black Friday figures.

Most of those sales were in China. However, US shopping on Singles Day grew 29.1% compared to 2017, according to Adobe data.

“If you look at the average Ali Express consumer in the US, they’re middle class folks just like in China,” Alibaba president Michael Evans told Business Insider on Singles Day in Shanghai.

American shoppers spent $1.82 billion online on Singles Day — less, even, than on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. However, the impact of Singles Day in the US is quietly and swiftly growing.

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