While the shopping experience is important to consumers, most holiday shoppers are still motivated by a good deal.

This was according to “Holiday Shopping 2018: Nothing Beats a Bargain, the Consumer Beat Survey” from BDO. The study revealed that consumers are more likely to write off a retailer that doesn’t offer sales or discounts and bad customer service (22%, respectively).

According to the study, price remains a main focus when shopping across many retail categories, including jewelry (64%), food and grocery (59%), home goods (58%), shoes and clothing (54%) and beauty products (47%).

Consumers are equally mindful when it comes to paying sales tax online. For example, nearly one in five consumers shop online specifically to avoid paying sales taxes. They are so serious about this fee that 46% said change their shopping habits if e-tailers began collecting sales taxes. This is especially true among younger demographics, as more than half of Millennials’ buying behaviors would change, compared to 35% of Baby Boomers.

For retailers that can’t compete on price, they should put more attention on…