To find an optimal balance between online and in-store shopping, forward-thinking retailers are reevaluating the concept of brick-and-mortar and reinventing the in-store experience for customers.

This has led to a broader view of how to get the most value from physical spaces. It places the emphasis on experiences that elevate the brand instead of commoditized, purely transactional shopping. Of particular note is the trend of inventory-free showrooms that use physical space to create an engaging experience, utilizing the ecommerce supply chain for fulfillment.

Moving from Clicks to Bricks

Brick-and-mortar retailers are not the only ones recognizing the importance of in-store experience. A growing number of companies are creating holiday pop-up shops, essentially showrooms with a holiday spin. They have risen in popularity particularly among digitally native retailers like Brandless and Wayfair, establishing in-person connections with customers. Instead of investing in full-blown stores, online retailers are embracing pop-ups as a way to establish a temporary presence in high traffic, urban environments.