Carrefour is a founding member of IBM Food Trust.
Carrefour is a founding member of IBM Food Trust.

Blockchain technology is most known for how it is used in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, but two French retailers are making use of it to add a new degree of traceability to their supply chains.

The technology stores records of transactions across multiple servers rather than a single database. Each node in the blockchain is controlled by a separate entity.

This means that the record is immune to being tampered with, since if a change was made to it on one server it would then differ from the copies elsewhere. In a world of global supply chains and multiple suppliers, this open record of transactions could bring much more certainty to the technology.

Auchan: Visibility from farm to fork in France

Having conducted trials of its blockchain tracking solution in Vietnam, Auchan is introducing it in its European markets of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

The technology will allow those involved in the supply chain to record information about the products at each stage of its life and input these into one distributed and open database.

Consumers will be able to scan a QR code on a product at the point of purchase and access all of the information about the product’s journey to them.

The interface takes the form of…