• Incoming House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff told “Axios on HBO” that the Democrats plan to investigate Trump’s beef with CNN and the Washington Post.
  • Trump has allegedly taken specific actions the two outlets, targeting their owners and parent companies.
  • The news comes days after Trump publicly feuded with and then punished CNN’s Jim Acosta by revoking his White House press pass.

After the midterm elections, speculation immediately began on how the incoming Democratic House majority would use their newfound power to challenge President Donald Trump.

Now, the incoming House Intelligence Committee chairman told Axios that Democrats intend to investigate Trump’s attacks on the press.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California said in an interview that will air on HBO Sunday evening that they’ll specifically focus on Trump’s statements and actions against CNN and the Washington Post.

Trump has consistently badmouthed press outlets since the beginning of his 2016 campaign, but as president, he’s taken specific actions against those two outlets that some perceive as legitimate threats to press freedom.

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Going after the ‘Amazon Washington Post’

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Trump has long had tough criticism for Jeff Bezos.
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