For most people across the U.S., the Friday after Thanksgiving means a big shopping day.

Now the Black Friday tradition has started to make its way across the pond to the U.K. and parts of Europe as well, and international retailers have been gearing up for the big event.

Amazon, for example, has been stocking shelves, and it hired thousands of seasonal workers in preparation for this holiday season. People across the U.K. have already bought items on Amazon at records levels, according to CNBC—with 100,000 toys and 60,000 beauty items purchased by mid-Friday morning.

But there’s at least one group of people that does not have such positive feelings toward Black Friday, or Amazon, for that matter, and are using the quasi-holiday to show it. Amazon employees have planned protests across Europe to coincide with Black Friday to demonstrate against what they call unfair working conditions.

Amazon fulfillment workers gear up for Black Friday and Christmas on November 13, 2018 in Swansea, Wales, as the American tradition jumps the pond. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

Not all Amazon employees in Europe are planning to participate, but those involved hope their action will disrupt the e-commerce giant’s Black Friday operations to some extent. For instance, approximately 90% of workers at a logistics depot near near Madrid walked out Friday morning, reports the Associated Press.

For its part, Amazon has denied the…