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For most retailers, the holiday season begins promptly in November, although some retailers start the previous month for Halloween and others as early as September for back-to-school. While retailers can forecast the start of the holiday season, one area that proves to be unpredictable are the strategies and tactics used to boost holiday sales.

The holiday season can represent as much as 30% of annual sales, according to the National Retail Federation. For online retail brands, understanding changing consumer behavior, technology and timing is critical to having a make or break year.

When comparing 2016 to 2017, the retail industry experienced an increase of 11.5% in online sales, according to eMarketer. Just as noteworthy, on Thanksgiving and Christmas smartphones accounted for more than 60% of web site traffic and approximately 50% of digital sales. By identifying these types of key consumer shopping behaviors and trends, retailers can anticipate how they will prepare and plan for the upcoming holiday season.

Recommendations To Achieve Holiday Growth

Workarea customers experienced a 20% increase in revenue last holiday. That is almost double the industry average for holiday growth. The following data-driven recommendations and emerging best practices are shared in full in the 2018 Workarea Ecommerce Holiday Planning Guide.

To help fuel your best holiday season yet, here are three of our top Holiday Guide recommendations to achieve growth this season.

Mobile Optimizations

As evidenced above, customers are increasingly shopping online from their mobile phones. So much so, one in four of every…