Online spending could considerably increase during the upcoming holiday season, growing as much as 14.8% this year to reach $124.1 billion, according to a Reuters.

Forecast for growth in online retail sales is significantly higher than the 2.7% increase predicted for brick and mortar retail stores, indicative of growing consumer preference for online shopping over physical retail outlets.

The growth was predicted by Adobe Analytics, the web analytics wing of Adobe Systems (ADBEFree Report) , on Nov 1. The company analyzes more than 55 million products sold by retailers in the United States.

Given the promising forecast for online spending, retail businesses that majorly operate by means of their online stores could be promising bets.

Retailers With Significant Online Presence to Win

According to the Adobe forecast, the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday will generate $23.4 billion worth of online sales.

Cyber Monday could contribute $7.8 billion to the total online sales, followed by Black Friday and Thanksgiving’s $5.9 billion and $3.3 billion, respectively.

The report cited that businesses that have strong online presence along with their brick and mortar outlets will witness significant spike in sales, given that consumers prefer to check out their online selection at a store before ordering it online.

“For most retailers now, the online and offline experiences are blending together much more,” director of Adobe Digital Insights, Taylor Schreiner, told Observer.

Schreiner’s insight was based on the fact that the trend of merging online and offline experiences can…