• Victoria’s Secret has become a discount haven, which means that major shopping days such as Black Friday don’t carry as much weight as they once did.
  • Analysts say that the store is leaning on promotions to drive traffic to stores.
  • Constant discounting erodes profit margins and makes it less likely that customers will ever pay full price.

Victoria’s Secret is promising to offer its “most epic” Black Friday sales ever this year, but constant discounting means that the big shopping day — and the period around it — no longer carry the same weight they once did.

While more deals are expected to come, Victoria’s Secret has already announced a string of promotions for the Black Friday season. The deals include 40% off pajamas this week, plus a chance to get a free pair slippers when you purchase a set of pajamas from November 9 through 22.

The retailer is also offering a free $20 reward card with every $40 purchase for the entire month.

These are certainly good deals, but they seem less enticing when you consider that many of Victoria’s Secret’s items are discounted throughout the year, including some of its core products.

Victoria’s Secret has increasingly leaned on promotions to drive traffic to its stores. However, as…