Most college football fans never get to go to a bowl game. Some don’t want to, but even those that do either can’t afford it or can’t make it work with geography or calendars or logistics. So to quote Joe Friday, that’s where I come in. I carry a pen.

My Saturday largely was relaxed until mid-afternoon, then was rather boring until night. Then it became “Reservoir Dogs.” Stuff happening fast and furious, all with an eye on the clock. That’s how a night game is for us every Saturday, and an event like the Orange Bowl and a game like the Orange Bowl only exacerbates the situation.

You know the score. Alabama 45-34. You know what happened. Bama up big, Sooners tried to roar back. But I thought I would show you how the sausage is made for the media at a big bowl game.

3:50 p.m. Florida time: I went downstairs at the media hotel, the Renaissance Cruise Port, to meet Joe Mussatto and Ryan Aber on the bus. The Orange Bowl runs several media buses, leaving at intervals of 20-30 minutes, starting at 3 p.m. The buses are filled with writers, videographers, editors,…