What's New in Your Ecwid Store: Fall '18

Wanna grow your store in the new year? Over the last few months, our e-commerce elves have been been hard at work designing new features to help you sell more this season. Discover what’s new from Ecwid E-Commerce, and find out how you can take your Ecwid store to new heights in 2019.


A Sleek One-Page Checkout Experience

When it comes to e-commerce, a positive checkout experience is invaluable to closing the sale. Thanks to some invaluable user insights from our e-comm experts, the Ecwid checkout page has been completely reimagined for your customers. This brand new conversion experience is the final piece in our renovated Ecwid storefront.

Revamped Ecwid checkout page
Revamped Ecwid checkout page

To buy or not to buy? Because the checkout page is where customers make their final purchase decision, we’ve loaded each checkout step with user science to optimize it for conversion:

  • Collect more emails and recover more abandoned orders. By placing the email field at the very beginning of the checkout experience, you’ll capture more users and be empowered to reach out with remarketing messages or special offers if they decide to bounce at a later step.
  • email capture form at checkout
  • Сart contents are always visible at the checkout: This reminds customers of the cool stuff they’re about to purchase and also makes the checkout one step shorter (no need to proceed to checkout from the cart).
  • Easy one-page checkout flow: Nobody likes filling out forms (or they shouldn’t). With a single page layout, your customers see all the steps at once and can easily navigate between them.
  • Simplified shipping and credit card forms: With autofill, intuitive layout and a simplified form, we’ve made filling out credit card information a breeze.
  • new Ecwid credit card form
  • Optimized for mobile and customizable: Now your checkout page will look and work great on any device. And if your form needs a special touch, you can even hide or add fields (like working hours) via API.

This update is automatically enabled for all new Ecwid stores. Not seeing your new checkout page just yet? Manually switch to the “New and improved Shopping Cart and Checkout pages” in Settings → What’s New.

Learn more about this update and conversion optimization here: Introducing One-Page Checkout for Ecwid Stores

Faster Indexation and Better SEO for Ecwid Starter Sites

If you sell on a free one-page Ecwid website with a built-in online store — a “Starter Site” — you’ll see your store indexed much faster, thanks to three new features.

Improved Ecwid store page visibility for Google. By improving visibility, Google will be able to better understand your store content. The most important store pages now get indexed first, while the content that customers won’t search for (cart page, account page, and other service pages) is hidden from search engines. All this info is recorded in a robots.txt text file that indicates which Starter Site pages should be indexed and which shouldn’t. This process happens automatically and no further action is required.

Sitemap to help search engines discover your content. Sitemap is a file that shows the search engine all the existing links of the site. That simplifies crawling for search robots and speeds up indexing. The Sitemap gets updated every day to ensure the most recent changes in your store are indexed. The sitemap in Ecwid is generated automatically and includes the store’s homepage and all the category and product pages. The feature is available for Starter Sites on all paid Ecwid plans.

To view your sitemap, type “/sitemap.xml” after your website domain in your address bar

Microformats transform page content into rich Google snippets. Microformats are a set of tags that you can add to the HTML code of your web page to help search engines understand its structure and display rich page snippets in the search engine results page.

Rich google snippets
The rich snippet is more compelling to users

Ecwid uses Schema.org — a standard markup worked out in a collaboration of popular search engines. It’s automatically added to all Ecwid store pages.

Learn more about these and more Ecwid SEO features: SEO Update: Why Google Is Gonna Love Ecwid Starter Sites

If you sell with Ecwid on a different website, stay tuned for SEO updates!

A Powerful Ecwid Starter Site Editor

Now you can design your Ecwid Starter Site from top to bottom on a single Control Panel page with a live preview.

  1. Go to Settings → Starter Site to see your free one-page e-commerce site with an Ecwid store already built in for you. Hit “Edit Content” and change any section right from here:
  2. Play with 40+ storefront design options
  3. Change the cover image, business hours, address, and other company info right here
  4. Change your Call-to-Action button text from “Shop Now” to anything else (like “Order Now,” “Learn More,” “Book a Table,” depending on your business goals)
  5. See all the changes in a live preview.
Ecwid starter site editor

“Compare to” Price, Bulk Price, and UPC for Product Variations

Product variations are combinations of your product options that you can sell on special terms (price, quantity, discounts). To make that crystal clear, let’s consider an example.

Imagine you sell a t-shirt. It comes in sizes S, M, L and colors yellow and gray. Those are product options. You’ve got leftovers of yellow t-shirts in size M and want to sell them out. So you decide to run a sale for this specific variation. The product variations feature in Ecwid allows you to set up a sale price for this particular set of options.

Product variations are sets of options for your product
Product variations are sets of options for your product

Settings for product variations in Ecwid are now extended:

  • Specify the “Compare to” price to promote certain variations with a discount.
  • Add UPC for each variation for better inventory management.
  • Set up bulk prices to make your variations more appealing to customers.
product variations

Add product variations in your Catalog → Products → Options → Variations. The feature is available on Business and Unlimited plans.

Automated Retargeting Facebook and Google Ads

96% people leave the store without making a purchase. Return your potential customers by showing them dynamic ads on Facebook and Google — all automated for you.

Dynamic ads are banners that automatically adapt their content personally to each user depending on their behavior on your website, delivering the most…