Vodafone wanted to transform its customer experience by streamlining its engagement with customers and personalising the sales journey. To do that it launched a chatbot, an innovation that helped it secure the award for customer experience at the Marketing Week Masters Awards.

Working with MMT Digital, the mobile giant developed TOBi Sales, the telecoms industry’s first chatbot able to complete a customer transaction from start to end in the UK. The launch helped it improve customer completion rates and satisfaction.

The artificial intelligence assistant has also boosted conversion rates online able by making the sales two to three times faster than the traditional website. That means it now takes consumers just eight minutes to complete an order from start to finish.

The innovation came about after Vodafone realised a significant number of potential SIM-only customers were dropping out during the check-out process.

TOBi was built to help address the problem, using technology including IBM Watson to help take customers through the process of selecting a SIM-only plan, answering queries and suggesting suitable products and offers along the…