German electronics giant MediaMarktSaturn is offering cashierless payments in its Hamburg store over the Christmas season, citing a successful pilot in Austria.

The Mönckebergstrasse Saturn outlet will allow customers to buy 100,000 products using the SATURN Smartpay app, which can be downloaded through the iOS and Android app stores.

Customers can scan the barcode of the item using the smartphone’s camera or touch the NFC component, then pay through a credit card or PayPal before receiving a digital receipt. Google Pay will be available from mid-December and Apple Pay is set to be integrated into the system once it is launched in Germany.

The project, launched with UK start-up MishiPay, will run until February 2019.

Announcing the launch, MediaMarktSaturn highlighted results from an initial trial between March and May in Innsbruck, Austria. It said over 30,000 shop visitors had taken advantage of the system, with nine out of ten customers saying they would recommend it.

It is worth noting that the experience will not be completely without staff interaction. While the customer does not need to visit a cashier to pay, they…