Enabling the business outcome in a ‘real-time’ enterprise environment is the next challenge for global brands and government agencies in 2019. Tech companies will need to drive hard to continually exceed to their customers’ expectations during a time of accelerating change. They will need to show how technology can help deliver on their customers’ objectives, improve agility, security and impact, or they risk being disrupted.

Here is Verizon Enterprise Solution’s view of those enterprise technology trends that are most likely to impact our global government customers in 2019:

1. The real-time enterprise will begin to transform how business works: Foundational technologies — software defined networks, 4G, the Internet of Things, intelligent video, security, telematics — are already changing the operations of business. In 2019, savvy CIOs will be focusing on how to reinvent their operations to leverage the enormous potential promised by disruptive technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence/machine learning, automation and robotics, augmented and virtual reality and the next-gen cloud including edge computing. Many of these technologies have now moved from concept to reality, and those who can best leverage the advantages they bring will increasingly be well placed to win the future.

2. Businesses will invest for performance: CIOs are recognizing that the network they use really matters to their business – a secure, strong network foundation enables them to deliver innovative platforms and solutions that will move their business forwards. Then, it’s all about the service model and the tech surround that makes network-reliant applications available – the support, the professional services, service level agreements and more. The key is to find an expert partner with the network expertise to help you deliver on your business objectives. You can’t run a modern business without secure network…